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MIZO + mini print / 大口勝弘 Katsuhiro Ohkuchi


MIZO + mini print / 大口勝弘 -Katsuhiro Ohkuchi  (U04-001S)



Publisher: うたかた堂 / UTAKATADO Publishing


First Edition / Edition 500



昆虫やこびと目線で世界を眺めてみるととんでもなく楽しい風景が浮かび上がる。大口勝弘はこの世界観をMicro Landscapeとよび、独自の手法で作品を製作している。密集したジャングルや切り立った崖、雪洞のように見える風景は、誰もが探検したくなるような場所だ。溝(MIZO)を探して撮影し、手数をかけて製作するこのシリーズは思わず没入してしまうほど美しい。



When I was a schoolboy, I would often imagine myself being a tiny person the size of an insect, setting off for an adventure across my study desk, fighting ants and mantises along the way. One day after growing up to be a man, I unexpectedly remembered the imaginary world of my childhood. “What if I could become that small person again? Then where would I go? What kind of photographs would I take?”


溝 Mizo (A ditch). It is quite an ordinary thing you can see anywhere when you are out and look down around your feet. But from a tiny person’s perspective, there is a totally different story. The walls of the ditch are so tall and stretch endlessly on both sides, arousing feelings of uncertainty. And the unique landscape there leads to a fantastic feeling. I wanted to have an adventure in the ditches and take photographs of their landscapes.


This series of photographs was taken in a specific way so that they look as if they were photographed by a small person in the ditches. They allow us to see and learn something of the imaginary world from that tiny perspective. That is the “power” of photography.


 I name the genre of this work Micro Landscape Photography. I hope you will enjoy this view of the world.


Translated by Hisato Kawata


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