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ヨッシワールド / YOSSHI WORLD


ヨッシワールド-YOSSHI WORLD / 岡部東京-Okabe Tokyo  (U01-004)

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Publisher: うたかた堂 / UTAKATADO Publishing


First Edition






The shock I felt when I first saw Okabe’s work!

Instinctively, I looked away for a moment, only to return my gaze to the photographs in front of me, and this time, paying greater attention.

The photographs somehow made me feel happy, and as I continued to go through more of them, I couldn’t stop smiling.


Filling the screen were these disturbing creatures, Yosshi Sakusai. They were alive, breathing. It was not just their appearance: All together they were uniform with bold heads and white underpants.

However, each individual was unique with a full and personal expression – a complete and separate identity.

It might be that all these quirky individuals, standing around, are daily scenes in Yosshi World, but to my eyes, they seemed extraordinary.


If they were the creation of some post-production techniques, it would not have drawn my attention. But when I found out that these were staged photo cutouts, the handiwork of the maker, suddenly Okabe became, for me, a great artist.


 “Okabe Tokyo’s “Yosshi World” – I want to introduce this wonderful strange world to everyone.


Text by Gallery TANTO TEMPO / UTAKATADO Publishing: Takeki Sugiyama


Takeki Sugiyama